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Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-2
Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-2Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-1Seventy Six Web Fluted 2 Rings-5Seventy Six Web Fluted 2 Rings-4Seventy Six Web Fluted 2 Rings-3Seventy Six Web Fluted 2 Rings-2Seventy Six Web Fluted 2 Rings-1Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-19Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-15Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-16Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-17Seventy Six Web Wrap Rings-18

Fluted Stacker Rings


Sterling Silver ( Options for Yellow and Rose gold, please enquire info@seventysixdesign.co.nz)
Fluted rings ( can be worn 3 different ways)
2-3 weeks make time

5-10 days shipping

only two sizes

comes in small and medium only.

Care Guide

Our Silver jewellery requires special care to keep the black detailing as black as possible. Click here for more information.